AzureABILITY host Louis Berman discusses Azure Serverless with Matthew Henderson, or as he likes to refer to the dude: SERVERLESS GOD. Listen in as Louis and Matt talk all things Severless: Function Apps, Logic Apps, security, performance, durability, gotchas, and a whole lot more.

Matthew Henderson is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft working on Azure Functions and Azure App Service. His primary mission is to unlock developer productivity by removing barriers to identity and integration. He loves helping developers leverage serverless solutions to get more done and is proud to have worked on Azure Functions from its outset. Outside of computing, Matthew is a runner, a volleyballer, and a culinary adventurist. 

To learn more about Azure Serverless, be sure to check out the following links.  As a heads up, if you click on no other link you'll certainly want to click on the last: "Serverless Compute Options in Azure.  This quick video is the perfect way to get you up to speed with Serverless:

One more thing.  If you have kids, know kids, want to help kids--maybe even like kids!-- then be sure to check out  To quote Kodable founder Gretchen Huebner: " that are introduced to programming early on are more likely to pursue it in college..."  Just sayin'...

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CREDITS: Louis Berman (Host); Matthew Henderson (Guest); Gretchen Huebner (PSA); Vincent Tone / PremiumBeat (Music); Heather Walsh (Intro/Outro); Cameron Tomisser (Engineer); East Coast Studio (Editing)

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