It was recently announced in the NY Times (When Sky & Telescope Had No Limit) that Sky & Telescope's parent company F+W Media filed for bankruptcy. F+W will go to the auction block on May 30th, with a winner announced on June 4th. We can only hope that S&T will land well; either individually or as part of a conglomerate sale.

For those of you who have little if any familiarity with the magazine, its impending doom may not seem all that portentous, but as both an amateur astronomer and long-time S&T Subscriber I can assure you that the loss would come as a grievous blow. The irony of it all is that while the magazine, itself, is profitable, the auction will ultimately be about preserving F+W as a whole. As such, S&T's future is anything but assured.

To be clear, I have every hope that S&T will be purchased. What I'm concerned about is its ongoing relevance and viability; something at this point that's anybody's guess.

As I say in the podcast "...we haven't figured out what..." we, the self-styled Friends of Sky & Telescope (FOST) can do to be of service, but there are plans in the works. Listen in and if you're interested in joining our rag-tag group of S&T enthusiasts, do reach out. (

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