AI / Machine Learning pioneer Andre Magni visits the pod to talk computer intelligence; from Microsoft's AI mission (to amplify human ingenuity with intelligent technology) to data-curation gotchas and modelling pitfalls to identifying dead bodies using AI.  We even talks about our "AI Moms" and Andre's world-champion lure-coursing Pharaoh hounds. 

Andre has been around Machine Learning and AI since 1994, on the early days of Artificial Neural Networks. He has developed and deployed an array of ML/AI solutions over the years, that range from cranio-facial identification to more normal ones as, speech and pattern recognition, anomaly detection, failure prediction and forecasts. Today, Andre leads a highly skilled team of Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft enabling customers to be successful on Azure.

The episode also features a pair of PSAs from two of our favorite kid-focused technology organizations MakeCode and Kodable.  Give 'em some love (they do a great job!)

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CREDITS: Louis Berman (Host); Andre Magni (Guest); Gretchen Huebner (Kodable PSA), Simon Hillvo (MakeCode PSA); Vincent Tone / PremiumBeat (Music); Heather Walsh (Intro/Outro); Louis Berman (Engineer); East Coast Studio (Editing)


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